About Us

About us

House of Prayer Nkumba is a living organism of Christians empowered by power the cross, to Transform and restructure communities through love, uplifting one another, with hands joined together to build and raise disciples for Christ until we all come to the unity of the faith. Nurture, Equip,  Grow & Go.

​The Church is the revolutionary work that was started by Jesus Christ to save the world from sin and present us blameless before His glorious and Holy Father and it is still carried on by the Holy Spirit.

Looking at Jesus as our model, He’s the man who had the vision or the master plan of human redemption, this was a long term plan yet His time limit was only 3 years, though He lived  in this world for 33 years, And one of the first things he did, after thus beginning his ministry, was to prayerfully gather men round him. He chose poor men, unlearned men, men that were not famous at all; and who had not been heard of before. Fishermen, and tax-gatherers, and men engaging in very lowly positions in life, but in the next 3 years Jesus was going to dramatically change and transform their lives, He equipped them with the word of God,He enforce growth in their lives by building their faith, by the time of His departure and with the help of the Holy spirit they were ready to turn the world right up.